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Press Releases

Press Release #042814(14)-Man Jailed after Weekend Aggravated Robbery
Apr 28, 2014   02:45 PM

San Angelo Police Detectives have arrested 36-year-old Bolivar D. Newkirk charging him with Aggravated Robbery.  He is accused of robbing a local motel employee on Saturday, April 26, at approximately 2:00 p.m.


Police believe Newkirk is the man who entered a laundry room located at the Econo Lodge, 415 W. Beauregard and threatened an employee at gunpoint while demanding cash.  Newkirk ran from the laundry room to a nearby vehicle driven by another man.  The two fled the area before police arrived.  The victim was not injured during the robbery.


Witnesses at the scene told police they observed the suspect, described as a one-armed white male with a thick build, get into a silver-colored Mazda Tribute driven by another white male.  Police also obtained surveillance video, which corroborated the witnesses? accounts.  Although police searched the surrounding area, they were unable to locate the perpetrators or vehicle.


Newkirk was apprehended several hours after the robbery during an unrelated incident.  At approximately 5:45 p.m., police were dispatched to 1922 Pulliam St. to investigate a fight in progress where it was reported that two men were actively fighting outside the Mar Jan Apartment complex.


Upon arrival, SAPD Patrol Officer J. Jones searched the immediate area and located two men in a nearby alley who claimed to be witnesses to the fight. Officer Jones recognized one of the men matched the description of the Aggravated Robbery suspect from the Econo Lodge.  Officer Jones detained and identified the man as Bolivar Newkirk (DOB 10-24-77).  Assisting officers searched the immediate area in an attempt to locate the assault victim who reportedly ran away after the assault.  Although a victim was never located, SAPD Officers A. Dietz and C. Flores noticed a silver-colored Mazda Tribute that matched the getaway vehicle used in the robbery.  The 2003 Mazda Tribute was occupied by a male subject who matched the description of the driver from the robbery.  The man was identified but his name is not being released at this time pending further investigation.


SAPD Detective Ali Shah was requested to the scene for a follow-up investigation into the robbery.  During the interview with Newkirk, Newkirk requested medical attention and was transported to Shannon Medical Center by ambulance for treatment of an undisclosed ailment.  Upon his release from medical care, Newkirk was arrested and transported to the Tom Green County Jail.


Further investigation into the fight call showed Newkirk was a witness to an assault that occurred between two males.  The victim of the assault, who remains unidentified, has not come forward to police.


San Angelo Police Department Crime Scene Investigations processed both locations for evidence.  The gun used in the robbery has not been located.   




Press Release #042514(13)-Tech Error Reminds Public Safety Officials Not to Solely Rely on Social Me
Apr 25, 2014   03:14 PM

Social Media has its place in the world of public safety.  It can help present a friendly face to the community, quickly send safety information to the public, and engage residents in finding missing persons.  Nonetheless, formats such as Facebook and Twitter can also create a set of issues when it comes to communicating important public safety alerts to our citizens.

Facebook has recently made some changes to their publishing features, and as a result, our Nixle public safety alerts are not able to auto-publish to our Department's Facebook page at this time.  Nixle is aware of the problem and their engineering team is working with Facebook's engineering team to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

This technical error is a good reminder that Social media avenues, such as Facebook and Twitter, often fail when it comes to addressing the needs of public safety agencies and the public they serve.  In the event that Facebook or Twitter have technical issues, you can still receive our public safety alerts directly from Nixle.  This is the only way we guarantee you will receive every alert, advisory, or community message from the San Angelo Police Department.

Nixle is a mass communication system designed by and built for public safety agencies. Strict verification procedures, industry-specific message structuring, and geographic-targeting technology are just a few features that make Nixle ideal for delivering everything from public safety announcements to emergency alerts.

Sign up is easy? if you live in San Angelo and want to sign up for the free Nixle alerts, go to www.nixle.com and click ?Sign Up Free!?  Once you create an account, you can customize your settings to include points of interest or to specify what hours you may want to turn off alerts.  Remember, there is no charge but Message and Data rates may apply.  AT&T, T-Mobile®, Sprint, Verizon Wireless and most other carriers are supported.

If you want to receive our public safety alerts by TEXT MESSAGE only, simply text your zip code to 888777.

For additional help with creating your account, contact customer support at support@nixle.com.


Press Release #042414(12)-OPEN CARRY TEXAS to host event in San Angelo
Apr 24, 2014   02:47 PM

On April 26, 2014 the Tom Green County Chapter of the Open Carry Texas Organization will be participating in an event in San Angelo, Texas so as to inform the public about the Open Carry Law in the State of Texas. The San Angelo Police Department is well aware of the event and would like the citizens of San Angelo to know that this is a peaceful demonstration and that there is no need to be alarmed. By Law this organization has the right to openly carry in public.  The public should be aware that the San Angelo Police Department will only be monitoring the demonstration to ensure that it remain a safe demonstration for all involved.


The following is information provided by the Open Carry Texas Organization:

WHEN: Sat, April 26, 10am-12pm

WHERE: 4351 Sunset Dr, San Angelo, Texas

DESCRIPTION: The O.C.T. will be meeting in the parking lot of Academy Sports. They will then walk down Sherwood Way a short distance actively promoting their 2nd amendment rights. The O.C.T. will be openly carrying and passing out brochures and talking to anyone with questions about the organization. After the event the O.C.T. plan on eating at Chic-fil-a as they practice their rights to openly carry.


? To educate all Texans about their right to openly carry rifles and shotguns in a safe manner.

? To condition Texans to feel safe around law-abiding citizens that chooses to carry them.

? To encourage our elected officials to pass less restrictive open carry legislation.

? To foster a cooperative relationship with local law enforcement in the furtherance of these goals with an eye towards preventing negative encounters.


Press Release #042114(10)-Unlawful Restraint, Assault Family Violence Strangulation, Injury to a Chi
Apr 21, 2014   04:22 PM

On April 20, 2014 at approximately 10:40pm Officers responded to the Creekside Apartments located at 3018 Knickerbocker Road in reference to an Assault in progress. Upon arriving on scene officers confronted a white male leaving this particular apartment and the subject refused to comply with verbal commands as he pushed passed officers.


Officers attempted to subdue the subject by deploying the Taser which was unsuccessful. The subject continued to resist officers and ran towards the red arroyo area located behind the Creekside Apartments. Several officers responded to the scene to assist with taking the subject into custody.


The subject was finally taken into custody after a lengthy struggle and was immediately transported to Shannon Medical Center for treatment due to the struggle while being arrested. He was identified as Jerry Lee Smith (6-21-79).  Officers were able to make contact with a victim after securing Mr. Smith.


Det. Bobby Elrod responded to scene in reference to an investigation into further charges.

The victim's names are not being released at this time due to ongoing investigation in reference to the domestic dispute.


SAPD Press Release #041714(09)-San Angelo Lake Patrol Warns Boaters about Hazardous Lake Level
Apr 17, 2014   04:00 PM

San Angelo Lake Patrol Police are urging boaters to use extreme caution when operating upon the waters of Lake Nasworthy.  The water levels have dropped to critical levels and there are many hazardous areas.  Most of the public boat ramps are not usable and have been closed off or posted as "Ramp Closed".  These closed ramps are extremely hazardous and should not be used.  There are currently four usable boat ramps, which are listed below.  Although these ramps are usable, they are still hazardous due to the shallow conditions and due caution should be used. 

Usable Ramps: 

1.  The north ramp in Middle Concho Park (directly into the park from Middle Concho Drive)

2.  The north ramp on S. Concho Drive (closest to Knickerbocker Rd.)

3.  The ramp beside Mary Lee Beach

4.  The ramp at the old "Lake Nasworthy Marina" (adjacent to bridge by the fishing pier)

The fork of the lake, which leads to Spring Creek Park and Middle Concho Park, is now hazardous to boaters due to extremely shallow waters.  Due to this situation, the "Slow/No Wake" area has been extended to include this portion of the lake.  The "Slow/No Wake" area entering this area now extends out to almost the main body of water.  This area is directly adjacent to the southeast of Red Bluff Circle, extending south to the grass island.  It is clearly marked with a line of "Slow/No Wake" buoys.  This is the same area that has been previously blocked off during the Boat Races.  In addition to the extended "Slow/No Wake", the "No Ski" area has also been extended out into this area and is marked with buoys. 

A short distance inside the "Slow/No Wake" buoys, there are now a number of "Hazardous Area" buoys.  These buoys are marking extremely shallow water, much of which has a hard rock bottom.  The area should be entirely avoided.  This area is passable on both the north and south sides, but stay well clear of the buoys.  The north side of this hazard area, closer to the houses, contains the deepest water and is the safest area for passage.

The main body of the lake, away from all shorelines, is the only lake area that currently has no "known hazards".   There are likely hazards not yet discovered, so caution should be used even in the main areas of the lake.  All of the lake's channels and forks have become dangerously shallow and contain many hazards.  When traveling in any unknown waters, boat operators are urged to travel at headway speeds until it is known to operate at speed.



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