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Security Inspections

Security Inspections

Citizens can contact the crime prevention section to have security surveys performed at their home or business at no charge. The officer will make recommendations on landscaping, lighting, locks, doors, windows, etc. to improve the overall security.  This unique program is beneficial to the homeowner as it evaluates the actual physical security of your home, resulting in a more effective deterrence against unlawful home entry.


Exterior doors should be solid core doors that are 1 3/8" thick and secured by dead-bolt locks.  Dead-bolts should have a throw of at least 1" that penetrates a metal strike plate.  Metal doors should be secured by dead-bolt locks as described above.  Double doors should meet the same specifications for exterior doors, and the inactive door should be secured by header and threshold bolts that penetrate metal strike plates.  Sliding glass doors should be secured by a secondary locking device to prevent lifting and prying. (Install a pinning kit.)Dutch doors should have concealed flush­ bolt locking devices to interlock both halves and be secured by dead-bolt locks as described above.  Garage doors should be equipped with a key lock or garage door opener.  Windows should be secured by secondary locking devices.  Besides the original window latch, windows can have screws, wooden dowels, pinning devices, or key locks. Track locks work well on aluminum windows, and nails can be an inexpensive way to pin wooden windows.

Security Inspections are offered at no charge to San Angelo residents.

For an appointment or further information, call (325) 657-4331.