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File a Complaint

If you feel a San Angelo Police Officer acted improperly, you may file a complaint (Complaint Form PDF) with the Office of Professional Standards at the Police Department, 401 E. Beauregard, Box 5020, San Angelo, Texas 76902.  An Internal Affairs Supervisor will review the complaint and direct it to the proper channels.  This office is open Monday thru Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.   If the Office of Professional Standards is closed, you may lodge a complaint with any supervisor of the Police Department.  Your complaint will then be forwarded.

Complaints are accepted anonymously, orally or in signed written form.  Due to Civil Service Laws, the Department is limited in the disposition of anonymous and oral complaints.  Written signed complaints are much more useful in the Department's constant efforts to upgrade its public service.  Just as citizens who are arrested must be notified of the charges against them, the police officer is allowed to view the complaint before any disciplinary action may be taken.

Complaints must be made within 30 days of the incident complained about, except in special cases such as criminal misconduct or when good cause can be shown by the person complaining.  Complaints must be made by the person who claims to be aggrieved.  Other persons may give statements as witnesses.

Investigators will conduct a thorough investigation of your complaint, and you will be advised of the result and action taken.


The department will protect complainants against any intimidation or harassment.  Equally important, the Department will use the full extent of the law to bring to justice citizens who abuse the justice system in an attempt to intimidate police offers who are honorably and legally performing their sworn duty.


When the investigation shows sufficient evidence to clearly prove some of the allegations made in the complaint, the Chief of Police notifies the officer and may take one of the following actions depending on the nature of the violation.

  1. Training or counseling.
  2. Reprimand the employee.
  3. Suspend the employee without pay.
  4. Demote the employee.
  5. Dismiss the employee.
  6. Restitution to the citizen, if applicable.


Just as a citizen charged with a criminal offense can appeal a court's decision, a police officer can appeal the action taken against him.  State Law has established procedures for officers to follow in their appeals, just as the Police Department has established procedures for ensuring that complaints by citizens against officers are thoroughly and honestly investigated.  If the officer appeals, the citizen will be called to testify at the administrative hearing.


Police officers must be accorded certain rights, the same as with all citizens, and complaints must be supported by sufficient evidence.  If there is not sufficient evidence to sustain the complaint, the officer is notified and continues on duty.  Each allegation that cannot be proven is judged according to the following categories.

  1. NOT SUSTAINED:  The evidence could not clearly prove or disprove the allegation
  2. EXONERATED:  The incident did occur but was justified, lawful and proper
  3. UNFOUNDED:  Allegations are not factual or are false.


If you are not satisfied with the results of the investigation you may appeal to:

  1. The Office of the Chief of Police, located at the San Angelo Police Department
  2. The office of the District Attorney, located at the Tom Green County Courthouse, if criminal charges are to be filed.
  3. The Office of the Federal Bureau of Investigations, located at the 3471 Knickerbocker Suite 306.  More information can be accessed at the FBI web site www.fbi.gov.

The San Angelo Police Department is vitally interested in the welfare of all citizens and in taking action where its employees have proven derelict in their duties or are guilty of wrongdoing.  If it becomes necessary for you to make a complaint, you can be assured that it will be given a fair and thorough investigation.

Your San Angelo Police Officers are individuals who are dedicated to serving you and our community.

Office of Professional Standards:


Available for Calls Monday-Friday from 8:00am-5:00pm 

Complaint Line (325) 657-4463

Detective Rodney Black (325) 657-4390

Detective Eduardo Chavarria (325) 657-4412