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Part-Time Police Officers

Section 1. Applicability.

This Article applies only to the SAPD.


Section 2 . Part-Time Employment of Police Officers.

(a) The SAPD may employ as part-time employees a maximum of twelve (12) TCOLE-certified officers who have honorably separated as full-time Texas Peace

Officers with a minimum of five years experience in Texas or a minimum of two years experience with the SAPD. Part-time employment is discretionary and is subject to the needs of the SAPD. Such part-time employees are at-will employees, and they are not Civil Service employees.

(b) Part-time officers will work as assigned by the Chief of Police or his designee. Part-time officers are subject to the supervision of the chain of command of their particular assignment and are subject to all the rules and procedures of the SAPD.

(c) Part-time officers will be hired to supplement the number offull-time positions authorized by the City Council as set out in Section 2.1502 of the City Code. The employment of these part-time officers will not result in a temporary or permanent reduction in that number of positions currently authorized.

(d) Approval of part-time officers will be subject to adequate funding approved by the City Manager.


Section Rate of Pay and Maximum Number of Hours Per Calendar Year.

 (a) Part-time officers employed by the SAPO will receive a rate of pay of$32 per hour worked. They will not receive any additional compensation such as longevity and education incentive pay. They will not be eligible for pay step increases nor be eligible for promotions.

(b) Part-time officers may work no more than nine hundred and ninety-nine (999) hours per calendar year.


Section 4· Outside Law Enforcement Employment.

Part-time officers of the SAPD may be assigned to off-duty law enforcement employment at the Chiefs discretion.


Section 5· Application Process and Requirements.

 (a) Applications for part-time employment as police officers will be submitted to the City of San Angelo Human Resources Department.

 (b) Applicants who apply for part-time employment within one-hundred eighty (180) days of their separation from the SAPO can be processed for employment immediately upon meeting the requirements of the pre-employment physical examination including essential function testing and verification of meeting all TCOLE requirements for license reactivation. These applicants may commence employment after meeting the physical requirements and reactivation of the license by TCOLE.

(c) Applicants who have been separated from the SAPO more than onehundred eighty (18o) days and applicants who did not work for the SAPO will be subject to SAPO hiring procedures including background check, polygraph examination if determined to be necessary by the Chief of Police, oral interview board, pre-employment physical examination, pre-employment essential function testing, and pre-employment psychological examination before being hired. Such applicants will be required to meet all TCOLE licensing standards including educational requirements at their own expense before they may commence part-time employment. Subsequent annual TCOLE training requirements will be provided by the SAPO.


Section 6. Exclusion from City Benefits.

Part-time officers will not qualify for city benefits; however, worker's compensation will be provided for on-the-job injuries but will not include the benefit of salary continuation.


Section 7· Preemption.

In the event that any provisions of this Article conflict or are inconsistent with any applicable provisions of Chapter 143, TLGC, including but not limited to Sections 143-021, 143.022, 143.023, 143.024, 143.025, and 143.026, or any other civil service provision or statute setting standards or rights for SAPO employees, this Agreement and any duly approved Amendment thereto shall prevail, notwithstanding any such provision of Chapter 143, TLGC, or any other civil service provision or statute.