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Online Alarm Applications

The City of San Angelo requires all residences and businesses using an alarm system to have an alarm permit. Click the blue and white "APPLY NOW" button to start the application process for a new permit and also for renewals.


Mail-in Alarm Applications

A printed physical copy of the Alarm Application is available in our Administration office if you would prefer to pick it up during normal business hours.

For residential applications please complete the application with all the information requested. 

For business applications, it is required that the person responsible for the alarm permit fill in the subscriber information.  Please do not use a business name as the subscriber.  The business name is listed at the top of the page.

Alarm Permit Application (pdf)

Alarm Permit Application - Large Print (pdf)

Complete one of the pdf's above and send it along with your payment to:

San Angelo Police Department
c/o Alarm Coordinator
401 E. Beauregard Ave
San Angelo, TX 76903

Note: Contact the Alarm Coordinator at 325-657-4304 or alarms@sanangelopolice.org to cancel your permit if the alarm system is no longer in use.


Alarm Fees

Residential alarm user's fee: $25.00

Commercial alarm user's fee: $50.00

Service fees for each false alarm after the first five (5) false alarms:

Sixth (6th) false alarm: $50.00

Each false alarm thereafter: $50.00

False fire alarms because of failure to notify Public Safety Communications when the system is being worked on: $50.00


Door to Door Sales 


If you in any way doubt the credibility of the alarm sales person’s IDENTIFICATION, feel threatened or intimidated by his or her actions, DO NOT HESITATE TO CONTACT THE SAN ANGELO POLICE DEPARTMENT (657-4498).  Speak to an officer and explain your concerns.

If you are signing a contract with an out of town company, take into consideration who will be available if there is a problem with your alarm system or if it requires maintenance.

READ YOUR CONTRACT CAREFULLY BEFORE SIGNING.  What you might understand from the salesman and what you are signing may be different especially concerning the longevity of the contract.  If the salesperson specifies “free installation” make sure you aren’t signing an agreement to pay for that installation! Never feel pressured to sign anything.  Be cautious of those who push you to sign a contract quickly or who may be offering unusual deals or incentives.  

Best policy – Let the salesman leave the information (along with a contract if available) with you while you have a chance to look over it and to check out the company with Better Business Bureau and on other internet sites.  Also, shop around and compare quotes for installation as well as the monthly monitoring charge as you could be making this monthly payment for 3 to 5 years!  DO NOT LET THEM RUSH YOU INTO MAKING A DECISION THAT YOU WILL BE LEGALLY LIABLE FOR. 

If you have already fallen victim to an unlicensed alarm salesperson, you should file a report with the Texas Attorney General’s Office, Consumer Protection Hotline at 1-800-621-0508.

Remember alarms users must have an alarm permit to be in compliance with the city ordinance.  Many people are not aware it is a class C misdemeanor not to have a valid permit.


How to Reduce False Alarms

Properly installed, used and maintained alarms are an asset to both the homeowners and the police department.  When misused, they become a liability.  Each year false alarms cost all of us money and wasted man hours.  The San Angelo Police Department spends a significant amount of time and money responding to false alarms.  You may also experience the inconvenience of false alarms and assessments.  False alarms must concern each of us.  They do not reduce crime and can increase liability and endanger the safety and welfare of the public, responsible parties and responding policemen. 

  • Know how much time you have to arm and disarm your Alarm system.

  • Know your Alarm system: Know how to cancel a False Alarm Call; know your Alarm System's Disarm/User Code.

  • Make sure everyone with a key to your home or business knows how to operate the Alarm Security system. Also, give them the Alarm codes.

  • Check for drafts in rooms that have motion sensor areas. Fans, heaters, air conditioners, or open windows can all cause drafts.

  • Do not leave any movable items in a room that has a motion sensor. Items include plants, curtains, balloons, holiday decorations, falling boxes, and moving signs.

  • Make sure that your pets are not left loose in areas that have motion sensors.

  • Before activating your Alarm system, make sure that all doors and windows are securely latched.

  • Keep motion detectors clear of insects and spider webs.

  • Service and maintain your Alarm system regularly. Update aging and outdated equipment including batteries. Notify your Alarm Company immediately of any damage to your Alarm system.

  • Make sure your Alarm Company contacts you each time the alarm goes off. Also, make sure the Alarm Company has the current information for all contacts.

  • In the event of a false alarm, find out what caused it and take steps to ensure that it does not happen again.

  • If you have any questions about your alarm system, refer to your owner's manual or call your alarm company.

  • Make sure the Alarm Company sets the Alarm system on "test" while working on it.


Duties of Alarm Company and Administrative Rules

Occupational Code

City of San Angelo Alarm Ordinance