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Lateral Officers

Lateral Requirements

Previously Commissioned Officers or Lateral Transfers.

(a) Application with City

  1. Applications shall be pre-screened for anything that would eliminate applicant for employment (pass/fail).

(b) Applicants shall hold an intermediate peace officer certificate or higher.

(c) Maximum age of 56 at the time of application.

(d) Physical Agility Test:

  1. Pass/fail

(e) Background Process and Personal History Statement (PHS):

  1. Pass/fail

(f) Oral Board Selection Process:

  1. Applicants who pass background are interviewed.
  2. Each interviewer will score the applicant based on:
    a. Their responses to each standardized question.
    b. The sum of the scores will be turned in for tally.
    c. The highest and lowest scores will be discarded and the final sum of remaining scores will be used for a pass/fail.
  3. All applicants who "pass" will be ranked after all applicants are interviewed and the final selections are made based on the number of open positions.

 Hiring Incentive:

• $5,000 hiring incentive paid on first payroll check.
•Agreement to stay no less than 24 months or repayment of the incentive will be required.