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History of the SAPD


Remembering the Past.  Looking to the Future.

San Angelo is located in West Central Texas between the Texas hill country to the southeast and the rolling plains to the northwest.  Around the end of the Civil War, settlers began moving West in search of their fortunes.  Realizing its need to protect these citizens from Indians, the government began to establish forts on the frontier.  Fort Concho was established in 1867 at the union of the three rivers in West Central Texas.  The fort was home to mounted cavalry, infantry, and the famous Black Cavalry whose members were respectfully called "Buffalo Soldiers" by the Indians.  A small village by the name of Santa Angela came to life just across the river.  As the village grew into a community, it became a trade center for the many farmers and ranchers who had settled in the area.  In 1889, the Indians moved westward and the soldiers followed, abandoning Fort Concho.  With the agriculture and trade base, Santa Angela later became what is now San Angelo.

During World War II, an Army Air Corps training base was established in San Angelo, returning a military presence to the city.  Goodfellow Air Force Base currently provides military intelligence training and a fire fighting school for the Air Force, Army, Navy, and Marines.

Today, with a population of approximately 92,000, San Angelo is the trade and services hub of a 13 county area.  San Angelo's economy is supported by agriculture, manufacturing, education, business and health services, military, tourism, and retirement. 

The San Angelo Police Department has enjoyed a long history, dating back to the turn of the century.  In 1947, the City of San Angelo elected to assume civil service status for its police department.  This status still stands today.  The Office of the Chief of Police is an elected position whose term is four years.  Our current police chief is Frank Carter.  He was elected in May 2016.  The San Angelo Police Department is currently authorized by city ordinance to employ 180 sworn officers.  As of December 2020, the Department employed 170 sworn officers.