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Field Operations

AC Fincher

Field Operations are under the direction of Assistant Chief Tracy Fincher and include the patrol division, lake and park unit, airport police, K-9 Unit, and traffic section. Chief Fincher took over the assignment of Field Operations in 2016. 


Patrol Division 

The function of the Patrol Division is to protect the lives and property of the citizens of San Angelo and maintain public peace. Uniformed officers proactively prevent and deter crime and respond to citizens' calls for service. As first responders, the preservation of life and the prevention of injury is the highest priority of the patrol officer. In addition, the patrol officer is responsible for the protection of property, maintenance of public order, prevention of crime, enforcement of laws and ordinances, and arrest of law violators. The patrol officer will attend to any complaint, call for service, or other duty with courtesy and without unnecessary loss of time.

The Patrol Division is made up of three overlapping 12-hour shifts covering a 24 hour period.

  • Day Shift (A): Sunday - Tuesday
  • Day Shift (B): Wednesday - Friday
  • Mid Shift (C): Sunday - Tuesday
  • Mid Shift (D): Wednesday - Friday
  • Night Shift (E): Sunday - Tuesday
  • Night Shift (F): Wednesday - Friday
  • Saturdays (A,B,C,D,E,F) - Every Other Week Rotation

You can contact the Patrol Division supervisors office at:

A,D Shift, (325) 657-4464    B,E Shift, (325) 657-4458    C,F Shift, (325) 657-4533


K-9 Unit 

It is the mission of the K-9 Unit is to preserve life & protect property ensuring the citizens of San Angelo enjoy a great quality of life through a peaceful existence.

Our goal is to maintain the highest level of proficiency in the training and performance of our K9 partners so, when duty calls, our K9 teams are willing and ready to assist our Police Officers as well as other police agencies in the pursuit of justice. 

K9 Teams assist other Police Officers by serving as locating tools.  The K9's superior olfactory abilities allow him to track a running suspect, find a hiding suspect, and apprehend a dangerous suspect.  K9 Teams greatly enhance the overall abilities of police officers and reduce the risk of officer injuries when dealing with violent individuals.  All SAPD dogs are "dual purpose" Police Service Dogs, meaning they are trained for Narcotics Detection and Patrol work.  Dogs are trained to detect the odors of several different types of illegal drugs.  They are also trained to detect the human scent and are capable of tracking a running suspect over great distances and varying terrain including grass, gravel, dirt, and pavement. They are capable of finding discarded objects of evidentiary value in large open areas such as guns, knives, shell casings, clothing, etc.  K9's are also trained to find suspects hiding in buildings by searching the building in a directed and methodical pattern. They can locate a subject hiding in a room simply by sniffing under the door.  They will apprehend a dangerous person by engaging and holding onto him until he can be safely handcuffed. 

Members of the K-9 Division conduct several public demonstrations annually.  We visit local public and private schools, educating students on the dangers of drug use and crime as well as teaching them about our Police Service Dogs and their valuable contributions to our community.  We also gladly provide demonstrations to local civic organizations.  For further information, contact (325) 657-4459.

Traffic Section 

The primary duties of the Traffic Section are to investigate motor vehicle accidents and to reconstruct fatal motor vehicle accidents. Other duties of the Traffic Section include: taking care of neighborhood traffic complaints, intense traffic law enforcement throughout the city, and providing escorts or traffic direction for special events such as parades, walks, runs, and rodeos. The Traffic Section will also respond to your complaints of traffic violations in residential neighborhoods. If you have a problem with speeders in your neighborhood, you can email the traffic office and request extra emphasis be placed on your street.  Please be sure to include your name, address, phone number, location, and date and time of occurrence. 

 Traffic Office

Hit and Run Investigation