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Graffiti Abatement

There are four types of graffiti:

  • Tagging
  • Gang
  • Satanic/Hate
  • Generic (non-threatening messages like "Bobby loves Suzy" or "Class of 2000").

San Angelo mainly deals with gang and tagging graffiti. Tagging graffiti is more elaborate while gang graffiti uses symbols.


How Can We Prevent Graffiti?

  • Property owners can take several precautions in the effort to deter graffiti.
  • Report and remove graffiti within a 24 hour period of it appearing
  • Install outside motion lights around your property
  • Maintain a clean property
  • Landscaping options: shrubs, thorny plants and vines will effectively restrict vandal access to commit graffiti.


What Can You Do?

Graffiti attracts more graffiti! Graffiti has numerous negative consequences for a city. Graffiti in San Angelo can decrease property values, deter tourist, and discourage business development. Graffiti attracts crime and street delinquency to our City; slowly replacing the sense of ownership once common amongst residents with fear, anxiety, and frustration.


Take ownership in your neighborhood by following these steps:

  • Report the graffiti by calling (325)657-4315
  • If making a report online take a photograph of the graffiti. Everyone's graffiti is different. Photographs of the graffiti could help identify suspects.
  • Remove the graffiti after an officer does a graffiti report or you file an online report.


You can help defeat the problem of graffiti by removing it from your property as soon as possible. If you need assistance in removing graffiti from your property, fill out the graffiti abatement and Indemnity agreement.


Mail to: 

San Angelo Municipal Court
110 S. Emerick St.
San Angelo, Texas 76903

Phone: (325)657-4367


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