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Press Releases

Narcotic Investigation Leads to Arrest
Mar 07, 2022   03:20 PM

On 3/4/22, Detectives with the SAPD Street Crimes Division initiated an investigation that led to a traffic stop of a vehicle in the 1400blk of S. Taylor. The driver of the vehicle was identified as Elizabeth Norton (38 yoa) and she was arrested upon learning that she had two outstanding Out of County Warrants for her arrest.

A search of both Elizabeth’s person and vehicle resulted in approximately “4” pounds of MDMA (methylenedioxy-methamphetamine) as well as small quantity of suspected Cocaine.

Elizabeth was ultimately charged with:

  • Two Out of County Warrants
  • Possession of a Controlled Substance PG1 >1G<4G
  • Manufacture/Delivery of a Controlled Substance PG2/2A>=400G (MDMA)

SAPD’s K9 Division, Patrol Division, Anti-Crime Unit, and Gang Unit assisted with the investigation.

Shooting Investigation
Feb 16, 2022   10:50 AM

            On 2/6/22 around 12:10am, Officers were dispatched to the 3300blk of TLCA Way in reference to a shooting victim. Officers arrived on scene and learned that the victim (19 Year Old Male) had left the scene in a private vehicle and was heading to the hospital.


Officers were able to make contact with the victim and began providing first aid as the victim had gunshot wounds below his waist. SAFD Medics arrived on scene and transported the victim to Shannon Medical Center for treatment of “Non-life threatening injuries.”


SAPD’s Criminal Investigations Division and Crime Scene Division arrived on scene to assist with the investigation.


It was learned that a physical altercation took place in the roadway between “4” unknown Hispanic males and other male subjects at this location. It was learned that one of the “4” Hispanic males discharged a firearm and shot the victim below his waist striking him multiple times. Officers learned that the Hispanic males entered into a vehicle and fled the scene prior to officer’s arrival.


SAPD asks that if anyone has any information regarding the suspect(s) to please contact our Desk Duty Officer at 325-481-2696 or our Non-Emergency Dispatch at 325-657-4315. You can also utilize the “P3” Crime Stoppers App to disclose information regarding the suspect(s) and remain anonymous.


Detective Hernandez is the lead investigator on this investigation.

Officer Injured during Call for Service
Jan 31, 2022   02:00 PM
Officer Injured During Call for Service
On 1/30/22 around 11:46pm, Officers were dispatched to 850 Paint Rock road in reference to a Domestic Disturbance call. Prior to officer’s arrival, it was learned that the suspect (Devan Gamez 22yoa) was attempting to leave the scene in a vehicle.
Officers arrived on scene and made contact with Devan as he was sitting in the driver’s seat of a vehicle. Officers attempted to remove Devan from the vehicle at which point Devan started the vehicle and proceeded to place the transmission in “reverse.”
Devan drove the vehicle in reverse and proceeded to drag the officer for a few feet before the officer fell and had their leg ran over by Devan’s vehicle. After running over the officer’s leg, Devan placed the vehicle transmission in the “drive” position and proceeded to drive his vehicle over the injured officer for a second time.
Devan then exited the vehicle and a secondary officer deployed a “TASER” on Devan which ultimately resulted in him being taken into custody.
The injured officer was transported to Shannon Medical Center and was released prior to this release with minor injuries.
SAPD’s Criminal Investigations Division arrived on scene to conduct their investigation and ultimately charged Devan with Aggravated Assault against a Public Servant and Assault by Contact involving Family Violence.
Devan was then transported to Tom Green County Jail without further incident.
SAPD Investigates Possible Police Impersonator
Jan 28, 2022   03:09 PM
SAPD Investigates Possible Police Impersonator
On 1/27/22 the San Angelo Police Department received a report that at approximately 0545hrs, a citizen was stopped on traffic in the 1700blk of Cox Lane by a subject in an unmarked vehicle. The vehicle was described as a black in color Dodge Charger with dark colored rims, a light bar with strobe lights near the rear view mirror, and temporary registration tags on the rear of the vehicle.
The subject made contact with the complainant and left abruptly when questioned by the complainant regarding his identity and the agency he was with. Officers checked with other law enforcement agencies in the surrounding area and learned that the subject was not associated with them.
The subject was described as a black male, between the ages of 20-30, was approximately 6’-6’2” tall, had a medium athletic build, and had a possible tattoo on his right hand.
If you have had a similar contact with this subject or have any information that could help identify him, please contact the SAPD at 325-657-4315.
If you find yourself being stopped by a vehicle that is not immediately identifiable as a marked police unit (or unmarked) please follow the tips below to ensure that you are safe.
1.Call 911- Make contact with 911 to verify that the person stopping you is in fact a police officer.
2.Turn on your hazard lights- Turn on your hazard lights and slowly make your way to the nearest populated/well lit area and advise the dispatcher of the location you intend on stopping.
3.Know your location- Knowing your location is key so that you can relay this information to the dispatcher. A location would be helpful in the case that it is an illegitimate stop and Officers can find you quickly to help. (Landmarks, restaurants, convenience stores, intersections, etc.)
4.Describe the vehicle to dispatch- Try to give the best description you can of the vehicle attempting to stop you. This can help confirm whether or not this vehicle is associated with a law enforcement agency.
5.Follow the directions of the dispatcher- Follow the directions of the dispatcher if they confirm that the vehicle stopping you is in fact a law enforcement officer.
6.Stay on the phone with the dispatcher- Even if you find a populated/well lit area to stop, stay on the phone with the dispatcher until you verify that the stop is legitimate.
Domestic Disturbance Leads to Arrest
Jan 28, 2022   03:08 PM
Domestic Disturbance Leads to Arrest
On 1/27/22 around 0753hrs, Officers were dispatched to 1616 Howard (Stripes) in reference to an unknown problem. Officers made contact with the complainant and learned that the suspect (Curtis Moore 45yoa) had threatened the complainant with a firearm and had discharged said firearm at a neighboring home. Officers learned that this incident had stemmed from an earlier domestic disturbance regarding Curtis and another family member where officers were unable to make contact with Curtis.
Officers went to a residence in the 1200blk of Howard, confirmed that the neighboring home had been struck with a bullet, and attempted to make contact with Curtis at his residence. Due to a firearm being previously discharged by Curtis, Officers established a perimeter around Curtis’ residence and attempted to make contact with him via phone.
Officers were able to make contact with Curtis via phone and were able to convince Curtis to surrender peacefully after a brief period of time. SAPD’s Criminal Investigation Division took over the investigation and ultimately charged Curtis with Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon-Family Member. Curtis was then transported to the Tom Green County Jail without further incident for the mentioned charges. No officers/civilians were injured during the course of this investigation.
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