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Press Releases

Press Release # 012715(04) Police Continue Search for Runaway Teen
Jan 27, 2015   03:46 PM

The San Angelo Police Department continues the search for runaway Briana Esquivel.   Briana was last seen by her family at 4:30 am January 21 at her residence on Chestnut Street.  Before leaving, Briana left a note to her family stating her intentions of leaving the home.  Along with the note, Briana also packed her personal belongings further indicating her desire to leave. 


San Angelo Police have received several tips from varying sources and multiple tips from the family as to where Briana might be staying.  At this time, none of the tips have led to finding Briana.   The Criminal Investigative Division has utilized multiple Detectives since Briana left to interview witnesses, collect video, and remain in contact with the family since Briana left.   A current issue facing Detectives are the tips being reported to the family instead of police.    Detectives are not discouraging contact with the family, but would like to receive and gather information directly from anyone with information concerning Briana.   


Since Briana left, San Angelo Police Department has been asked multiple times by the public about releasing an AMBER Alert.   The circumstances surrounding this investigation do not meet the requirements of issuing an AMBER Alert.   The first criterion for issuing the alert is to confirm abduction.   At this time all evidence indicates Briana left willingly.    There is also no descriptive information concerning who she left with.  For more information on AMBER Alerts anyone can visit the official web page at www.amberalert.gov


The San Angelo Police would also like to inform the public about the seriousness of harboring a child who is younger than 18 years of age and who is voluntarily absent from his/her home without consent of the parent(s) for an extended length of time.   This offense is a Class A misdemeanor subject to a $4,000.00 fine and incarceration for up to 12 months.  Anyone who might be allowing Briana to stay at their residence would be subject to this law and punishment. 


The San Angelo Police Department's first priority is the safety and welfare of Briana.   Any and all information concerning her location should be made to police to further this investigation.  SAPD can be contacted by phone at 657-4315.   To remain anonymous, submit Tips online at http://bit.ly/SAPDTips247 or call the SAPD's 24 hour Tip Hotline at 1-855-TIPS-247.  You can also text your tips, text: TIP SAPD followed by your tip message to 888777.




Press Release #012615(03)-Police Investigate Numerous Vehicle Burglaries in San Angelo
Jan 26, 2015   04:18 PM

The San Angelo Police Department's Criminal Investigations Division is investigating several vehicle burglaries that occurred over the weekend.


Between Thursday, January 22 and Monday, January 26, 2015, the following incidents were reported: 


Sector 1 (Beats 11-15)

500 E. 26th

700 block W. 17th

1200 block Jacie Ln.

800 block Windemere

1000 block Hunters Glen Rd.


Sector 2 (Beats 21-24)

500 block Smith Blvd.-Willow Run Apartments

1600 block S. Chadbourne St.

400 block N. Emerson

(3) 4700 block S. Jackson St.-Century Terrace Apartments


Sector 3 (Beats 31-34)

3300 block Rockbrook

200 block Robin Hood Trl.

4000 block Robin Hood Trl.

2400 block Baylor

2500 block W. Loop 306

4300 block Goodnight Trl.

(3) 3700 block Arden Rd. ?Arden Arms Apartments

2200 block W. Avenue L.


Police are investigating whether or not these incidents are connected.  So far, the majority of incidents appear to have occurred in unlocked vehicles.


Police are asking members of the public to take a layered approach to reducing vehicle burglary; always lock your vehicle with the windows up, take your keys, and remove all valuables.  Report suspicious activity/crime in progress to 911.


If you have any information about these crimes or suspect(s) who may be involved, call (325) 657-4264.  To remain anonymous, submit tips online at http://bit.ly/SAPDTips247 or call the SAPD's 24 Hour Tip Hotline at 1-855-TIPS-247.  You can also text your tips, text: TIP SAPD followed by your message, to 888777. 




Press Release #011515(02)-Green Dot Money Card Scam Has Police, Consumers Seeing Red
Jan 15, 2015   02:51 PM

The San Angelo Police Department would like to warn you about a current ?Green Dot Card? Scam circulating in our area.


In this particular Green Dot Scam, the scammer told the potential victim they won a car during a recent contest.  Although the potential victim's caller ID displayed a local area code, law enforcement officials believe the scammer called from overseas.  Caller ID Spoofing is a common practice amongst scammers.  The technology allows them to falsify the telephone number and/or name relayed as the Caller ID information to disguise their identity.


In this scenario, the scammer instructed the potential victim to purchase a prepaid Green Dot MoneyPak Card and send the activation numbers to the scammer, who was posing as a contest official. 


This potential victim recognized this to be a Scam, but other residents have not been so lucky.  Scammers are known to target the elderly and sometimes the ?deal-contest- prize-opportunity? sounds too good to pass up.  Nevertheless, if something sounds too good to be true, it usually is.  Please share this alert and help us spread the word.


What is a Green Dot MoneyPak Card?

A MoneyPak/Green Dot Card works like most pre-paid cards.  Consumers can pre and re-load them, transfer them, or use them to make purchases. 


These types of Scams can be from a phone call, an e-mail, or regular mail so beware and be scam-smart.  


Common Green Dot Money Pak Scams

Lotteries or sweepstakes- Scammer will tell you that you won a large amount of money, or a big item such as a car but in order for you to get your car or money, you need to pay taxes or fees first.


Bill Collector- Scammer will tell you that you owe a large amount of money to a company and if you don?t pay, they will call the police or other authorities.


Arrest Warrants- Scammer will tell you that you owe money for a court fine or traffic citation and if you don?t pay, they will issue a warrant for your arrest.


Don?t fall victim to Green Dot Scams because once you give away the activation code, your money will most likely never be recovered. 


If you believe you may be a victim of Green Dot MoneyPak fraud, contact your local police and submit a MoneyPak dispute at http://bit.ly/MoneyPakDispute




Press Release #010715(01) Aggravated Assault
Jan 07, 2015   02:21 PM

On Tuesday, January 6, 2015, just after 9:00 p.m., San Angelo Police were dispatched to the 1800 block of W Avenue N for a shooting.


Police spoke with the victim who stated a white male driving a blue 2002 Mercury passenger car was driving erratically on Avenue N.   The victim honked at the driver in the Mercury when he cut her off and narrowly missed colliding with her vehicle.  After the victim honked her horn as a warning, the suspect drove next to the victims? vehicle and fired 1 round from a handgun hitting the driver's door of her vehicle.  The vehicle was occupied by the victim's family to include her husband and children.   Witnesses to the incident provided police with the suspect description and a license plate for the suspect vehicle.  Nobody was injured from the gun shot.


A short time later, K-9 Officer Fincher located the suspect vehicle in the 1800 block of N Bryant Boulevard.   Officer Fincher made contact with and identified the driver as, Levi Turner (01/03/91).  During the contact, Officer Fincher also observed a bag of suspected marijuana in the driver's side floor.   A search of the vehicle yielded approximately 12 ounces of marijuana and a .22 caliber handgun located under the driver's seat.   Turner was also found to be in possession of approximately 7 grams of cocaine.   Detective Dye was called to the scene and conducted the investigation.  Turner was subsequently charged with Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon, Possession of a Controlled Substance and Possession of Marijuana.  Turner was transported to the Tom Green County Jail without incident. 


This incident is still under investigation and no further information is available at this time.


Turner, Levi 
(01/03/91)Turner, Levi (01/03/91)

Press Release #122314(12) Death Investigation
Dec 23, 2014   04:34 PM

A Death Investigation continues after police locate a deceased 20-year-old San Angelo resident in the 3700 block of North Bryant Boulevard.


Today, December 23, 2014, at approximately 8:30 a.m., San Angelo Police responded to the 3700 block of North Bryant Blvd for an unconscious person.   Upon arrival Police and Fire Department personnel observed the victim had sustained serious injuries and was deceased.

The victim, Gunner McNeill (10/31/1994), was identified from a driver's license found at the scene.


The cause of death was not immediately known requiring both the Traffic Section and Criminal Investigative Divisions to be notified.  Preliminary findings indicated a Hit and Run, but Traffic Officers and Detectives collected evidence from the scene and began working the investigation as an unknown death until the actual cause is determined.


 Justice of the Peace J.P. McGuire responded to the scene and formally pronounced the victim deceased.   McNeill was sent to Lubbock for autopsy.


At approximately 12:00 p.m. today, Detectives from the Special Operations Section located a possible suspect vehicle in the 10,000 block of Raccoon Road in Grape Creek.   The vehicle was towed and secured as potential evidence for the investigation.  The identity of the driver is not being release pending further investigation.


This is an ongoing investigation and further updates will be released as information becomes available.  

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