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Three Suspects Charged in Kidnapping

21-year-old Rudy Herrera and two friends have been charged with Third Degree Felony Kidnapping after investigators with the San Angelo Police Department’s Crimes Against Children Unit unfold a kidnapping plot. 

Herrera and the friends, identified as 21-year-old Billie Griggs and a 16-year-old male juvenile, kidnaped Herrera’s two-year-old daughter from the child’s mother yesterday afternoon at the Sunset Mall.  

A preliminary investigation revealed the trio drove to the mall, located the mother and child, and then jumped out of a pickup truck while the male juvenile suspect snatched the child in a coordinated abduction plot. 

As officers were preparing to issue a community-wide Nixle Alert for kidnapping, Herrera was tipped-off that police were involved and then preemptively called police to report the child was in his possession.  

Shortly after, police located the child with Herrera, Griggs, and the juvenile suspect at a residence located in the 200 block of Mockingbird Lane.     

Herrera, Griggs, and the juvenile suspect have been charged with Kidnapping.  

The child was returned safely to her mother.