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San Angelo Public Safety Communications Dispatchers Recognized at City Council Meeting for Composure

Two San Angelo Public Safety Communications Dispatchers were recognized at the start of today’s City Council Meeting for their outstanding work and support of volunteer fire departments during the September 14, 2017 Rocking Chair Ranch Fire. 

Linda Waller, Public Safety Communications Supervisor and Sarah Rees, SAPSC Dispatcher, were awarded certificates of appreciation by Tom Green County’s Emergency Manager, Steve Mild, for their composure and dedication to coordinating communication efforts during the 800 acre fire, which started during a State prescribed burn overseen by the Wall Volunteer Fire Department.  The Wall Volunteer Fire department requested this recognition, charging Waller’s and Rees’s quick action and coordination helped to minimize further loss of land.  

Police Chief Frank Carter, Assistant Chiefs David Howard and Tracy Fincher, and Public Safety Communications Commanders Lieutenant Tim Pucci and Sergeant Chris Carpenter were also on hand for today’s presentation.