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Press Release #102914(10) Police Recognize Good Samaritans

Today the San Angelo Police Department recognized two civilians for their bravery and service to the San Angelo Police Department and our community.   


San Angelo Police Chief Tim Vasquez honored two San Angelo men during a small ceremony recognizing both for their bravery and service to the community.  The recognition was due to the assistance they provided officers on a call earlier this month.   The officers said the ?Good Samaritan? efforts were needed in dealing with an uncooperative subject that resisted the officers during the call.  Today, officers from all divisions were present to show their appreciation for the two men.   Both men received a certificate of appreciation and an SAPD challenge coin.


On October 8th, 2014 at 12:00 pm San Angelo Police Officers Ratcliffe and Peterson responded to Community Medical Center ER for a suspicious person.  Both Officers made contact with a male subject, Mike Belman, who was behaving erratically and was unable to coherently respond to the Officer's questions.   During the field investigation, Belman ran from police towards the 1st Financial Bank parking lot and entered a vehicle occupied by James Halfast.   Belman resisted violently as Officers tried to pull him from Halfast's vehicle.   Mike McAlpine was also in the bank parking lot and was witness to the incident.   Both McAlpine and Halfast assisted the Officers in removing Belman from the vehicle and getting him restrained.   Belman was taken to Shannon Medical Center in the custody of a Tom Green County Mental Health Deputy.   Chief Vasquez said the timely assistance of Halfast and McAlpine made the difference in safely restraining Belman for transport.


L to R: Vasquez, McAlpine, Halfast PetersonL to R: Vasquez, McAlpine, Halfast Peterson