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Press Release #101915(07)-San Angelo Man, Woman Arrested after Fight at Local Night Club

A San Angelo couple was arrested after a fight involving a handgun at a local nightclub this weekend.


At approximately 2:00 a.m. Sunday morning, Officers responded to Club Amnesia, 4611 S. Jackson St., to assist with clearing patrons from the club and parking lot. 


When Officers arrived, they observed several fights occurring in the parking lot.  While approaching one fight, San Angelo Police Officer K. Reeves heard what sounded like a gun being chambered and observed a man standing alongside a black Nissan Altima, with his hands concealed by the car's door.  As Officer Reeves got closer, someone in the crowd yelled that the man had a gun.  The man then entered the car and made several movements with his hands.


Believing the man may have a weapon; Officer Reeves approached the vehicle at gunpoint but was interrupted when a woman ran up and positioned herself between Officer Reeves? weapon and the man inside the vehicle.  The woman, later identified as Brittany N. Fitchett (DOB 05-30-91), refused several orders to move out of the way and entered the vehicle.  Fitchett continued to disregard orders and had to be forcibly removed from the car with assistance from additional Officers.


The man, identified as Robert Delao, Jr. (DOB 12-18-86), also failed to comply with orders but he was eventually taken into custody without incident. 


During the follow up investigation, Officers learned Delao Jr. and Fitchett were involved in a fight with fellow club patrons when Delao Jr. went to the vehicle to retrieve the handgun.  During a search of the vehicle, Officers located a black semi-automatic handgun lying on the backseat floorboard and a magazine that contained several unspent hollow point bullets.  The 2009 Altima, registered to Fitchett, was towed from the property.


Delao Jr. was charged with Disorderly Conduct Affray and Unlawful Carry of a Weapon.  Fitchett was arrested for Disorderly Conduct Affray, Interference with Public Duties, and Resisting Arrest.  Delao Jr. and Fitchett were transported to the Tom Green County Jail.  


Delao Jr.Delao Jr.