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Press Release #051414(10)-Police Department Employees Recognized by Peers

Every year in May, the San Angelo Police Department honors their employees and volunteers who best exemplify the spirit of public service and outstanding service to the organization during the past year. 


Aside from fourteen awards categories, Chief's Special Awards are given to those who, because of their extra effort or participation, have made the mission of the San Angelo Police Department more attainable.   


In early spring, employees are invited to nominate fellow co-workers for consideration in each respective category.  After the nomination deadline, the Department's Meritorious Conduct Board meets to discuss the nominees before selecting the winners.


This year's awards recipients are:


?             Patrol Supervisor of the Year: Sergeant Chris Cimino


?             Patrol Officer of the Year: Officer Adrian Castro


?             Rookie of the Year:  Officer Keith Lane


?             Investigative Supervisor of the Year:  Sergeant Todd Dornhecker


?             Investigator of the Year:  Detective Hank Hethcock


?             Support Services Supervisor of the Year:  Public Safety Communications Supervisor Linda Waller


?             Support Services Officer of the Year:  Officer Tom Daniel


?             Civilian Employee of the Year:  CSI Tech Terri Adams


?             Communications Officer of the Year:  Sarah Bates


?             Community Service Award:  Detective Travis Griffith


?             Reserve/Retiree Officer of the Year:  Officer Jimmie Byrne


?             Volunteer of the Year:  Police Chaplain Scott Cotton


?             Overall Officer of the Year:  Officer Adrian Castro


?             Life Saving Awards:  Officer Jeff Fisher, Officer Charles Flores, and Officer Travis McGee


?            Chief's Special Awards:  Intel Specialists Shawna Hitchcock and Heather Maier, and V.I.P.S. Members Armando Vasquez and Tom Bright