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Press Release #051314(07)-San Angelo Police Pistol Team Achieves Top Spots in Recent National Pistol

Recently, three members from the San Angelo Police Department's Pistol Team traveled to Charleston, South Carolina to compete in the 2014 Palmetto State Pistol Match. 


This year's match was comprised of sixty officers from around the nation, including South Carolina, North Carolina, Texas, New York, and Florida. 


Officers Brandon Farris, Brian Gesch and Sergeant Rusty Herndon received first place accolades in following categories: 


Brandon Farris

1st Place Classified Class

Distinguished semi- auto

1500 semi-auto


Service revolver

Dist revolver

1500 revolver

1500 aggregate (Combined scores from 1500 Revolver and Semi-Auto)

Grand aggregate (Combined scores from all matches)


Brian Gesch

1st Place

Grand aggregate sharpshooter.

Off-duty match marksman.

Stock semi auto marksman.


Rusty Herndon

1st Place

1500 Semi-auto Marksman class

1500 Aggregate (Combined 1500 Revolver and Semi-auto) Sharpshooter class


Team members raised the competition's entry fees and travel expenses through various fundraising events.  Several more fundraisers have been planned as the Team gears up to compete in the National Police Shooting Championship scheduled for September of this year in Albuquerque, New Mexico.   For information on the upcoming event, contact Sgt. Rusty Herndon at 325-657-4342.


[Photo left to right: Stu Snowden, Randy Hanson, David Lahah, Rusty Herndon, Brian Gesch, and Brandon Farris.  Snowden, Hanson and Lahah, additional first place winners from the match, work for the New York State Department of Corrections and Community Supervision]