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Press Release 043014(15)-CSI Supervisor to Retire along with K-9 Handler Howard Miller

After 20 years and 2 months of service the Crime Scene Investigation Section of the San Angelo Police Department will be losing their Supervisor Rosalind Payne. The following is a list of Ms. Payne's history while serving the San Angelo Police Department of which she did at a highest level of professionalism:


Hired 03/16/1994 as a Clerk/Typist in Records Division

03/16/1995 - Photo Technician in the I.D. Division

02/18/2002 - CID / Crime Scene Technician

08/13/2002 -  Unit Commendation for catching the ?Cat Burglar?

06/14/2003 -  Unit Commendation for completing the American Institute of Applied Science School in a more prompt period that predecessors

02/16/2006 -  Promoted to Crime Scene Supervisor

04/17/2010 -  Group Commendation for assisting in the attempted armed robbery of Winger's Party Barn

08/27/2012 - Commendation by Asst DA Allison Palmer in aggravated robbery case of John Henry Carter, Jr who was sentenced to 25 yrs for aggravated robbery, 10 yrs for burglary, 5 yrs for evading and 730 day for UUMV

09/05/2013 -  Recognition by Midland Police Dept for her participation on the review board for their promotional process of the CSI supervisor

Chief's Special Award 2013

10/04/2013 -  Group recognition by Wall Bethren Church for participation in National Night Out event

11/07/2013 -  Group recognition by Sheriff Tim Sanders for assisting in preparing a wanted poster resulting in the capture of a subject that used a Visa Debit card for gas in Sterling City


Other Commendations:


Recognition by Sheriff Tim Sanders of Sterling County for going above and beyond duties to assist

Recognition by District Attorney Laura English for DVD in Credit Card Abuse case

Group recognition by Asst D.A.  Allison Palmer for testimony in murder case of Kevin Harris

Group recognition by Howard College for intern training





Master Police Officer 3 and K-9 Handler Howard Miller will be retiring after 32 years and 3 months on the job. Officer Miller was hired on September 16, 1980 as a Police Department Dispatcher.


He then became a Police Officer on October 1, 1981 and then promoted to Master Police Officer on October 16, 1987. Officer Miller was then re-assigned to the K-9 Division in September of 1994 where he remained the remainder of his career.


Officer Miller had a total of 2,339 hours of TCOLE (Texas Commission of Law Enforcement) training while with the San Angelo Police Department.


Officer Miller opted out of retirement ceremony proceedings.