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Press Release #022416(21)-San Angelo Man Arrested for Burglary

A 34-year-old San Angelo man wanted in connection with a Burglary at a local lumberyard has been arrested.
Stephen Ross Bradley became a person of interest in connection with a Burglary that occurred at City Lumber and Wholesale January 27, 2016 where over $5,000 in tools and a company pickup truck were stolen.
After a lengthy investigation, Criminal Investigations Detective Michael Gaeta obtained an Arrest Warrant for Bradley for State Jail Felony Burglary of a Building. Bradley was located and arrested February 22 from a residence in the 200 block of Montague Street.
Some of the stolen property has since been located and returned. The stolen truck, a 2009 Ford F150, was located at the Christoval Estates Trailer Park on January 27. The vehicle was seized, processed for evidence, and released back to City Lumber staff.