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Press Release #021216(12)-SAISD Students Deliver Sweet Surprise

The men and women of the San Angelo Police Department received a sweet surprise from SAISD students yesterday during a special Valentine's Day Card Presentation.
Students from the Fannin, Fort Concho, and Santa Rita Elementary schools arrived to the Chief's Conference Room carrying a large, specially decorated Valentine's box filled with thoughtful, hand-made cards.
Several Officers and civilian staff members gathered as Police Chief Tim Vasquez expressed his gratitude towards the children and community as a whole for all the support they have shown.
This is the second year students have participated in the project, one we hope will continue.
After the presentation, the students were invited to visit with Officers before they were given a close-up look inside one of the patrol vehicles.
?We are all truly honored and humbled to receive such personal Valentine cards from the students. It is important that our officers know they are respected by our local children as well as our adult citizens.? ? Police Chief Tim Vasquez