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Press Release #011416(11)-SAPD Watched More than Facial Hair Grow during November Fundraiser

In November, the San Angelo Police Department teamed up with other Texas law enforcement agencies to form the ?Beard Patrol?, raising money and awareness for the Testicular Cancer Foundation (TCF) located in Austin, Texas.
SAPD Officers and civilian employees who participated in ?No Shave November? by contributing $25 per pay period directly to the TCF website were permitted to grow facial hair. Female Officers participated by making a donation and local citizens were also invited to join in.
The fundraising campaign was well received and by mid-November, Police Chief Tim Vasquez decided to extend the campaign through December and the ?growing? of facial hair continued? but that wasn?t the only thing that grew. At the close of the campaign, over 55 employees and local anonymous donors contributed $3,600 helping the 2015 Beard Patrol collectively raise $9,218.
The mission of the TCF is to provide education and support to men diagnosed with testicular cancer, provide support to families of testicular cancer patients, and to share its resources with the medical and healthcare communities, schools, and various young men's groups. Testicular cancer is the most common cancer in males ages 15-35 and is 99% treatable if diagnosed in stage one.
Two years ago the TCF partnered with the Travis County Sheriff's Office in a November Beard Patrol challenge where, for a $25 donation, the Deputies were allowed to grow goatees and beards to raise awareness and support the TCF. Last year, the Austin Police Department also participated. This year the TCF reached out to other Police Departments and Sheriff's Departments around the state to participate.
Beard Patrol 2015:
San Angelo Police Department $3,600
Temple Police Department $2,175
Waxahachie Police Department $2,150
Belton Police Department $655
Victoria Police Department $587
Morgan's Point Resort Police Department $25
Ted Oak Police Department $0
[Totals may increase as other agencies close their respective campaigns http://tcf.causevox.com/team/beardpatrol]
Chief Tim Vasquez
Sgt. Martin Stuart
Officer Rick Tinsley
Officer Kyle Green