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Online Solicitation of a Minor Arrests

On the dates of April 21, 22 and 23rd 2022, a joint operation investigating online solicitation of a minor was conducted in San Angelo, Texas. Agencies that assisted in the investigation included San Angelo Police Department, Department of Homeland Security Investigations, DPS, Abilene Police Department, Big Spring Police Department and Goodfellow Air Force Base NCIS/OSI.  During the investigation the 8 people listed below were arrested.


  1. Ysaias Rodriguez          DOB 02/24/87        Online Solicitation of a Minor
  2. James Howard Baker  DOB 11/18/83         Online Solicitation of a  Minor/ 2nd felony pending
  3. Rafael Alvarado DOB 02/14/97        Online Solicitation  of a Minor
  4. Gerald Martinez DOB 08/31/95        Online Solicitation  of a Minor
  5. Christopher Wilson DOB 09/09/66        Online Solicitation  of a Minor/ Class B poss of Marijuana
  6. Christopher Rose DOB 02/27/02        Online Solicitation of a Minor
  7. Jordon Locklear DOB 04/20/88        Online Solicitation of a Minor / 5 County Warrants
  8. Mathew Beckett DOB 06/26/85        Online Solicitation of a Minor