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Officer Involved Shooting in North San Angelo Neighborhood

Just before 11:00 a.m. this morning, David Wagner with KLST/KSAN contacted the San Angelo Police Department’s Public Information Officer, Tracy Gonzalez, to report they had received a phone call from a man who claimed he was about to have a stand-off with police near 21st and Bradford and that the man further advised [them] to get their cameras ready.  Officer Gonzalez worked with Wagner and another Station employee to obtain the caller’s phone number in an effort to begin gathering intelligence about the man. 

Officer Gonzalez immediately notified Patrol Shift Supervisors, who began coordinating with Public Safety Communications about the reported threat and response.  Additionally, Police Officials made contact with SAISD Officials to advise them of the events unfolding near Bradford Elementary and the school was locked down for precautionary measures. 

During this coordination, Public Safety Communications received a phone call from a man at a residence in the 1200 block of E. 21st Street who said he had guns and he was going to kill cops.  He further advised the dispatcher to evacuate the neighbors.   The call came in at approximately 11:05 a.m. 

As Police units responded, Public Safety Communications received several independent calls about a house fire at the residence of the alleged gunman.  When Officers arrived at the scene they observed the man in front of the residence armed with a long gun.  Officers immediately advised responding Fire Department personnel to stand back while additional units worked to establish a perimeter and evacuate the surroundings residences.  The Department also issued a Nixle Alert advising residents to stay away from the area due to Police activity.  

Officers attempted to make verbal contact with the armed man, and at some point during the encounter, the man raised his firearm in the direction of the Officers.  In response to this immediate threat, San Angelo Police fired shots and struck the suspect.  The suspect was immediately secured and transported to a nearby hospital by ambulance for treatment where he is reportedly in critical condition.  His name is not being released at this time. 

After securing the scene, Fire Department personnel addressed the house fire.  No other persons were reported injured during the preliminary field investigation. 

Texas Rangers are conducting the official investigation into this Officer involved shooting, which is standard protocol.  Additional information will only be disseminated though their agency’s Officials.