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Numbers Show New Anti-Crime Unit is Measuring Up by Reducing Crime

Just a few weeks shy of their six-month anniversary, the San Angelo Police Department’s newest specialized unit has made a measurable impact in reducing crime, despite having limited manpower and resources.  

Working in concert with the Department’s Patrol, Division, Street Crimes Division, and Criminal Investigations Division, the ACU focuses their attention on the city’s most recurrent crimes that are primarily committed by repeat offenders — a small segment of San Angelo’s population. 

Logging nearly one hundred fifty (150) arrests comprised of nearly three hundred thirty (330) Misdemeanor and Felony charges, the Department’s Anti-Crime Unit (ACU) has been working tirelessly to make an indelible impact in the reduction of San Angelo’s crime. 

Not only has their targeted approach resulted in clearing roughly two-hundred warrants, the unit has seized over twenty (20) firearms from the hands of criminals engaged in and/or planning nefarious activities.  Some of these weapon seizures and arrests have led to Federal investigations.   

The Unit credits their success to having the assistance and support from their colleagues within the Department as well as having the ability to work covert operations, which allows them to avoid detection in an effort to interrupt crime in progress. 

“What they have been able to accomplish in such a short amount of time is a direct result of their commitment to team work.  Their colleagues on Patrol as well as the specialized divisions enable their success in combating the street-level crime that affects the citizens in this community.  I feel that the ACU has only scratched the surface in our long-term goals of improving the quality of life in San Angelo.  It’s exciting to think about what they might be able to accomplish if [we] had additional Officers in the Unit as well as other resources needed to sustain their mission.” — San Angelo’s Chief of Police, Frank Carter.