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National Police Week Ecumenical Service

We sincerely thank all the people who came out to today's annual National Police Week Ecumenical Service held at the First United Methodist Church in downtown San Angelo. 


It is such a blessing to us to look out amongst the crowd and see our fellow law enforcement officers from so many different agencies, all there to support one another during this emotional service.  It is also a blessing to look around and see unfamiliar faces - the citizens of San Angelo who take time out of their day to stand with us to pay tribute to the peace officers who gave their lives in the line of duty.  Thank you for showing us that you care.  Thank you for remembering the fallen. 


To all the staff at First United Methodist Church, we appreciate your hospitality.  Thank you for taking such great care of us and attending to all of our needs.  Special thanks to Reverend Sam Hunnicutt, Reverend Dale Weise, Barry Dowell, Mike Hale, Joe Torres, and Thomas Byrd for making this event possible. 


For those who were not able to make the event due to other commitments, you can watch our video tribute to the Fallen Texas Peace Officers here:  http://youtu.be/IfdsCX69OJM


[Video by Martin Stuart, San Angelo Police Department]