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Man Arrested on Suspicion of Drunk Driving Charged with Assault on CSI Tech

A 32-year-old San Angelo man charged with Driving While Intoxicated after yesterday evening’s rollover crash on Grape Creek Road is facing an assault charge. 

Nicholas B. Townsend was transported to Shannon Medical Center by ambulance with non-incapacitating injuries following a single-vehicle rollover crash in the 5100 block of Grape Creek Road that occurred just after 5:30 p.m. yesterday.  

Traffic investigators determined Townsend was driving his green 2003 Ford Explorer at an unsafe speed when he lost control of the vehicle, left the roadway and collided with a fence on the west side of the road.  The force of the collision caused the SUV to begin to roll and Townsend was ejected.  Failure to control speed and alcohol were listed as contributing factors to the crash. 

Townsend was additionally charged with Assault on a Public Servant for kicking a San Angelo Police Department Crime Scene Tech who was attempting to photograph Townsend’s injuries at Shannon Medical Center.