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June 20 LIDAR Traffic Enforcement Operation

This morning, the San Angelo Police Department’s Traffic Section conducted a LIDAR Traffic Enforcement Operation targeting westbound traffic in the 1700 block of E. Houston Harte.  

Police issued a total of seventy-three (73) citations and sixteen (16) warnings during the operation.  

Breakdown for citations: 

Speeding: 62 (Highest Speed 92 MPH) 

Driving While License Invalid: 3

Other/Misc. Violations: 3

No Insurance: 2

Warnings: 16

No DL: 3 

Operating a motor vehicle is an important privilege and responsibility for drivers, especially in a state as large as Texas with more than 310,000 miles of public roadways.  Tragically, every year in Texas, approximately 3,000 people are killed in traffic crashes and more than 80,000 are seriously injured. 

Today, more than ever, drivers must avoid distractions in their own vehicle while also staying alert for impaired or unsafe drivers sharing the roadway – failing to do so could have tragic consequences.