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Job Opening: Crime Scene Supervisor


Under general supervision, leads a team of technicians engaged in the collection, photographing, tracking, handling and safekeeping of crime scene evidence. Supervises the daily activities of Crime Scene Technicians (CST); meets with CST's to schedule shift assignments and coordinate special enforcement issues; coordinates special public relations programs. Monitors CST's work, reviews and approves reports, develops staff skills, and evaluates performance. Updates and maintains procedures for the collection and handling of evidence, and establishes training guidelines and crime scene management standards; assists with training of Police cadets. Supervises maintenance of crime laboratory and evidence processing equipment; orders supplies and equipment as needed, and maintains inventory of forensic supplies for Department. Identifies, collects and preserves crime scene and accident scene evidence to aid in the prosecution of criminal and civil cases; documents and maintains chain of custody. Collects, develops, preserves, classifies and files latent fingerprints; conducts visual and physical analysis and comparison of crime scene latent prints to national fingerprint databases. Searches out, collects, preserves, logs, examines and secures evidence; documents all handling of evidence and property; maintains activity logs and generates reports as needed. Responds to emergency and non-emergency calls for service; assists with the identification of evidence at crime scenes; photographs persons, crime scenes and other areas related to investigations. Receives property and evidence from law enforcement officers; documents receipt of items, and maintains the chain of custody from intake. Packages and safeguards property and evidence; enters and updates data into computer system; transports evidence to Property Control Office. Develops case files and reports, and prepares technical and statistical reports. Prepares necessary documentation and evidence for court; may be required to testify in court. Assists and coordinates with other emergency services personnel, outside organizations and businesses, and Federal, state and local law enforcement organizations. Maintains the integrity, professionalism, values and goals of the Department by ensuring that all rules and regulations are followed, and that accountability and public trust are preserved. Must be able to work weekdays, weekends, and holidays on any assigned shift. Hours: Mon ? Fri, 8:00am ? 5:00pm. This is an On ? Call position. 


Minimum Standards & Essential Job Functions:

Associate's degree in Criminal Justice, Forensic Science, or a related field; AND four year's experience in crime scene investigation for a law enforcement agency; OR an equivalent combination of education and experience. Must possess certification for completion of forensic science courses from American Institute of Applied Science; successful completion of a background investigation and polygraph is required. Required knowledge of City policies and procedures; city, county, state and federal laws, regulations, codes and ordinances; federal and state laws and rules for the collection, storage, transfer and disposal of evidence and property; principles of accounting, record keeping and technical records management; criminal justice and court systems, procedures and protocols in Texas; investigative procedures and protocols for observation of critical details; fingerprint classification, latent fingerprint development methods, and forensic and laboratory procedures; local community issues and regional community resources available to citizens; and geography, roads, and landmarks of City and surrounding areas. Required skills in supervising staff, delegating tasks and authority, and evaluating staff performance; prioritizing multiple tasks, projects, and demands; promoting and enforcing effective forensic procedures and safe work practices; identifying, collecting, processing and preserving crime scene evidence; maintaining accurate evidence records and generating special and periodic reports; care, maintenance and safe operation of crime scene tools and equipment; technical photography and film processing; collecting, packaging and organizing numerous items of evidence in an orderly fashion for processing; working as a team member with other law enforcement and multi-jurisdictional agencies; interacting with people of different social, economic, and ethnic backgrounds; operating a personal computer utilizing a variety of technical and imaging software; and communicating clearly and concisely, both verbally and in writing. Work is performed indoors and outdoors, and at crime scenes as needed. Must maintain a level of physical fitness to meet Department standards. A valid driver's license with a good driving record required.  


Salary:$31,516.00 Annually


For more information visit http://www.cosatx.us/departments-services/human-resources/employment