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Father Arrested for Narcotics, Toddler Removed After Police Locate Drugs and Horrid Living Condition

On August 21, 2018, San Angelo Police were dispatched to the 2400 block of Abilene Street for the report of an unwanted subject. 

Officers arrived and made contact with the subject, who stated he was charging his cell phone in his neighbor’s carport because the electricity to his residence had been disconnected.  The subject was identified as 24-year-old Estevan Rubio. 

During the contact with Rubio, Officers learned Rubio’s 2-year-old son was unsupervised inside the residence.  Officers requested to check the child’s welfare but Rubio denied them entry.  When Rubio opened his front door to retrieve this son, Officers smelled a strong odor of marijuana emitting from the residence.  When Rubio came back outside with his son, the Officers noticed the child was covered with insect bites.  

Fearing the child was endangered; Officers requested a response from Child Protective Services.  In addition, Officers requested a response from the Street Crimes Division (SCD) and a search warrant for the residence, issued by Justice of the Peace J.P. McGuire, was obtained.  

Once inside, SCD Detectives discovered a filth-ridden residence along with several ounces of suspected powder cocaine, Xanax, ecstasy, and marijuana.  Over $1,000.00 in U.S. Currency was also located and seized.  

Rubio was ultimately charged with First Degree Felony Manufacture Delivery of Controlled Substance Penalty Group 1 and Third Degree Felony Possession Controlled Substance Penalty Group 3.