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Door-to-Door Alarm Sales Groups Ramp Up During the Summer Months. What To Look For....

If you are a #Nixle subscriber, you were told of an out-of-town alarm company that came to San Angelo in February that was not in compliance with the TX DPS Security Bureau's regulations.  This is the time of year when out of town alarm companies start knocking on doors and will continue through the summer months. 


The Texas Department of Public Safety Security Bureau requires out of town companies to check in with the Texas municipality in which they plan to sell.  They are not required to purchase a city sales permit.  However, they are required to carry with them at all times their TX DPS Security License.  This shows that DPS completed a background check and they have been approved by the DPS to sell or install alarm systems in your home. 


ALWAYS ASK TO SEE THE SALESPERSON?S TEXAS DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC SAFETY SECURITY LICENSE!  Under no circumstances should they not have it on their person.  No excuses!  They cannot sell or install alarm systems without it.


If you in any way doubt the credibility of the salesperson, feel threatened or feel intimidated by his or her actions, DO NOT HESITATE TO CONTACT THE SAN ANGELO POLICE DEPARTMENT AT 657-4498.  After normal business hours, contact dispatch at 657-4315. 


Best policy ? Let the salesperson leave the information (along with a blank contract) so you have a chance to look it over and to check out the company on the internet and with the Better Business Bureau.


Shop around and compare quotes for the installation along with the monthly monitoring fee, as you will be making this monthly payment for the length of the contract!  DO NOT LET THEM RUSH YOU INTO MAKING A DECISION THAT YOU WILL BE LEGALLY RESPONSIBLE FOR. These people are there to sell -if they are pushing you to hurry send them be on their way! 


If you are signing a contract with an out of town company, take into consideration who will be available if there is a problem with your alarm system or if it requires maintenance.


READ YOUR CONTRACT CAREFULLY BEFORE SIGNING.  What you might understand from the salesperson and what you are signing may be different, especially concerning the longevity of the contract.  If the salesperson mentions, ?free installation?, make sure it is stated in the contract so you are not surprised.  In addition, free installation might mean that your monthly payment could be higher.  Do your homework.  Compare.


If you want to find out if a company is in compliance when conducting business in San Angelo call the alarm coordinator at 657-4304 Monday through Friday 8-5.