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Department Launches New Unit to Address Crime

January 23, 2018 – The San Angelo Police Department recently launched a new proactive, investigative/enforcement unit designed to focus on various types of crime.  

After seeing a need to address various types of repetitive crime, Police Chief Frank Carter recently formed a specialized unit whose mission is to proactively focus on those types of crimes that affect the largest number of citizens.  

Like most specialized law enforcement units, the newly formed Anti-Crime Unit (ACU) is tasked differently from a typical uniformed patrol unit whose main goal is to respond to calls and provide a visible presence in the community in an effort to deter crime.  In contrast, the Anti-Crime Unit specializes in covert operations in an attempt to avoid detection in an effort to apprehend criminals while committing criminal activity. 

Working in concert with the Department’s Street Crimes Division, Criminal Investigations Division, and Crime Analysis Unit, the ACU will focus their attention on the city’s most frequent crimes such as burglary, theft and robbery as well as other non-specific crimes.  Many of these offenses are committed by repeat offenders — a small segment of the population that commits the most crimes.  

The Unit intends to maximize and effectively apply its limited resources to make a measurable, long-term impact in the reduction of San Angelo’s crime, despite the Department’s manpower shortage.