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Combative San Angelo Man Flees Traffic Stop, Attempts to Disarm Officer

San Angelo Police arrested a 42-year-old man who fled a traffic stop and later attempted to flee while handcuffed and attempting to take an Officer’s weapon. 

On Saturday, July 1, 2017, an Officer conducted a traffic stop on a white, 2015 Chevrolet Silverado pickup truck near the intersection of N. Emerick and Spaulding Streets. 

Upon initial contact with the driver, identified as Jesus Talamantez Losoya, Officers observed what appeared to be fresh blood on Losoya’s hand.  While Officers were attempting to verify his Driver’s License status, Losoya sped away.  A brief pursuit ensued but it was soon terminated for public safety reasons. 

Shortly after the pursuit ended, Officers were dispatched to the 1000 block of E. 18th Street for the report of a suspicious subject and vehicle that matched Losoya’s description as well as the vehicle he was driving. 

Officers responded, observed Losoya, took him into custody, and requested Fire Department Medics to the scene to treat his previously observed laceration.  

While awaiting medical treatment at the scene, Losoya fled from the Officers by attempting to run inside a nearby residence.  Losoya was quickly apprehended; however, he resisted the Officers by aggressively kicking at them.  

While Medics were attempting to treat Losoya’s injury, he pulled away from the detaining Officer and attempted to take the Officer’s holstered firearm.  Officers quickly thwarted Losoya’s actions but he continued resisting and attempting to free himself from their restraints.  A Taser was utilized to assist with compliance; however, it had little effect. 

Officers transported Losoya to Shannon Medical Center for further treatment of his injured hand, where he continued to be combative towards Officers and hospital staff.  Losoya had to be sedated in order for hospital staff to render aid.  Losoya also caused significant damage to a Police vehicle during his transport.  One Officer sustained minor injuries as a result of Losoya’s lengthy resistance. 

Upon his release from the hospital, Losoya was transported to the Tom Green County Jail and charged with Evading Arrest Detention with Vehicle/Previous Conviction, Attempt/Take Weapon from an Officer, Escape from Custody, Criminal Mischief >=$750-<$2,500, and Resisting Arrest. 

Losoya was released yesterday after posting bond.