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Buckle Down & Stay Strapped In Seat Belt Survey Results — June

As a part of the Buckle Down & Stay Strapped In campaign, approximately 662 seat belt observations were conducted in San Angelo during the month of June. 

Results indicate that the overall seat belt use rate is 97%.  This is 6.3% higher than the state average of 90.7%, 10% higher than the national average of 87%, and 3.1% higher than San Angelo’s October 2016 baseline of 93.1%. 

June’s surveys took place in five locations in the area.  In addition to the general use rate data, findings showed the following: 

Women – 98.2%

Men – 95.7%

Highest Age Group for Belt Use: 60 +

Lowest Age Group for Belt Use: <24

Highest Vehicle for Belt Use: SUV

Lowest Vehicle for Belt Use: Van 

The San Angelo Police Department would like to thank San Angelo’s vehicle occupants who have contributed to this measurable increase.  Although we hit 97%, we are urging vehicle occupants not to become complacent.  If we work together, we can remind one another to buckle up every trip, every time.  Reaching 100% would be wonderful, but our ultimate goal is to save lives and reduce serious injury in San Angelo vehicle crashes. 

Take the seat belt challenge and encourage your family and friends to do the same.  You might just safe a life! 

Buckle Down & Stay Strapped In is made up of the San Angelo Police Department and a network of community partners, including SAISD and Live Design and Print Shop. 

This public safety initiative was created to increase belt use, save lives, and reduce injuries in San Angelo.  For more information about Buckle Down & Stay Strapped In or to become a partner, please visit contact Officer Tracy Gonzalez at tracy.gonzalez@sanangelopolice.org.