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Dispatch Non-Emergency 325.657.4315

Beware of Scammers Banking on San Angelo Citizens with Hearts of Gold

The San Angelo Police Department has learned of several citizens who have recently been scammed by a man at local Walmart and convenience store parking lots. 

The scammer, described as being a dark complected male driving a white SUV, has been approaching victims with a sob story — claiming he needs food or gas for his family.    

The scammer, who reportedly has a female and children along, is offering gold jewelry in exchange for money. 

In most cases, victims attempt to sell the newly acquired gold jewelry to local jewelers or gold buying stores only to discover they traded their hard-earned cash for Fool’s Gold — and we’re not talking about a bootleg copy of the 2008 action romance starring Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey. 

This scammer, like most, is simply preying on the good Samaritan in you, hoping you will be gullible enough to hand over some money.  Don’t fall for it. 

If you are approached by anyone in a parking lot, either with a sob story, item for sale, or opportunity that seems too good to be true, notify the store’s management and call police dispatch at (325) 657-4315. 

Please share this scam alert with friends and family.