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August 24, 2020, LIDAR Traffic Enforcement Operation

This morning, the San Angelo Police Department’s Traffic Section conducted LIDAR Traffic Enforcement in eleven (11) school zones.  A total of thirty-five (35) citations and seven (7) warnings were issued. 

Following the school zone enforcement, LIDAR Traffic Enforcement was conducted in the 2200 block of West Houston Harte’s eastbound traffic.  A total of sixty (60) citations and twenty-five (25) warnings were issued.  

Citation Breakdown: 

School Zones

Cell phone in School Zone: 2

Other/Misc. Violations: 5

No Insurance: 2

Speeding: 26

Warnings: 7


Houston Harte

Speeding: 52 (Highest speed: 94 mph.)

Other/Misc. Violations: 3

No Driver’s License: 2

No Insurance: 3

Warnings: 18 

The life of a child is priceless and not worth the risk by speeding through a school zone.  Children are more vulnerable than adults to being hit by a car — they tend to be less cautious than adults, are less visible due to their size, and they are less likely to survive a hit by a vehicle. 

When approaching a school zone, slow down.  The few seconds you may save speeding through a school zone is not worth the fine, but more importantly, it’s not worth the life of a child.