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House Watch

This page contains information regarding the Department’s House Watch Program.  If you are leaving town for any reason and would like SAPD Officers to check on your home while you are away, you can request a House Watch online or in person at Police Headquarters, 401 E. Beauregard.  Fore more information contact the Desk Duty Officer at (325) 481-2696.


All information requested on this form is strictly confidential and is necessary for our officer's safety and your property's protection.

The password you provide while filling out the online House Watch Request will be needed upon your return to cancel your house watch. Please provide a unique password that you will remember (NOTE: Forgetting this password or giving an incorrect password upon your return will create a police response to your home!)

No House Watch requests will be accepted on homes that are "FOR SALE" or "FOR RENT".

No House Watch requests will be accepted for apartments or businesses.

No House Watch requests will be accepted for any home where anyone may be staying at the home for any period of time.

Due to the number of house watches, the San Angelo Police Department is unable to watch any home longer than 30 consecutive days.  After the 30-day watch period has expired, the watch will be automatically deleted.

Any long distance phone calls made to the Emergency Contacts will be made collect.


Please contact the San Angelo Police Department's Desk Duty Officer immediately upon your return at (325) 481-2696 or (325) 481-2697.

The House Watch Program is a courtesy provided by the San Angelo Police Department. The San Angelo Police Department and/or the City of San Angelo will not be held responsible for any damage, burglary, or theft incurred during the watch period.