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Update on Investigation of Former Police Officer Jayson Zapata

On Friday October 7, 2022, former Officer Jayson Zapata resigned from the San Angelo Police Department. The San Angelo Police Department is a Civil Service Department and has a set protocol for conducting internal investigations in accordance with State Civil Service Law.

While the investigation into his conduct was ongoing, if Professional Standards had sustained the allegations, I intended to terminate Officer Zapata’s employment with the San Angelo Police Department. The criminal investigation will be sent to the Tom Green County Attorney’s Office.

It is very important to me for the citizens of this community to know that this type of conduct will not be taken lightly and will not be tolerated.

It is also essential to express that the conduct of one officer should never reflect on the hard-working, professional, and dedicated men and women of the San Angelo Police Department. Those officers do an outstanding job every day, keeping our community safe.

Thank you,
Frank Carter, Chief of Police