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SAPD Investigates Damage to Railway Property

San Angelo, TX (May 19, 2023, 9:13am): The San Angelo Police Department is seeking information regarding damage to railway property (belonging to Texas Pacifico) that is believed to have occurred during the early morning hours of this date. The unknown suspect(s) could be facing the charge of “Interference with Railroad Property >=$2,500<$30,000” which is a State Jail Felony in the State of Texas.

The SAPD was dispatched this morning around 1:00am to a location off of Upton Street in reference to a possible Criminal Mischief. Officers made contact with a representative of Texas Pacifico, and it was learned that unknown person(s) intentionally damaged a “Switch Stand” causing one of their trains to travel down a wrong section of railway track. It was learned that approximately $2,500 worth of damage was caused when the train struck a “Derailing Unit” after traveling down the wrong section of railway track.

The train was approximately 7,000 feet long and was temporarily blocking multiple railway crossings in the Southeast part of town. SAPD Units re-directed traffic at the blocked railway crossings until the Train was operational and was placed back onto the correct railway track.

If you have any information regarding the identity of the suspect(s) please contact our non-emergency dispatch at 325-657-4315 and reference Case # 2023-0006086.