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Officer Awards

On an annual basis, the SAPD encourages their employees to nominate their fellow officers for meritorious awards. These nominations are first submitted to the nominated officer’s chain of command for review. Upon being reviewed by the officer’s chain of command, the nominations are then submitted to the “Meritorious Review Board” who then determines if Officer’s actions meet the criteria for a meritorious award. The “Meritorious Review Board” then makes their recommendation to the Chief of Police who would then ultimately determine if the Officer receives a meritorious award.

The SAPD would like to acknowledge the heroism and extraordinary acts of bravery that were displayed by these officers for the 2023 year.

Officers M. Calvert, D. Crowder, and M. Morris were awarded lifesaving awards for their heroic actions in lifting a vehicle that a citizen was trapped under. These officers quick reaction of freeing the victim from being trapped under the vehicle ultimately saved his life.

Officer Delacruz was awarded the lifesaving award for disregarding his personal safety and rendering aid to a citizen for a large swarm of bees attacking them. Medical personnel agreed that Officer Delacruz’s decisive action saved the victims life.

Lieutenant Scott, Lieutenant Thomason, Sergeant Gesch, Officer Herrington, and Officer Mitchell, received the Police Commendation Bar for the challenging project of constructing a SIMMS house for the San Angelo Police Department from the ground up. The SIMMS house is a non-ballistic shoot house which allows walls to be moved to create a variety of training environment which officers can utilize to improve their skills. The craftsmanship and dedication demonstrated by these individuals provided are a direct reflection of what SAPD strives for.

We take great pride in our dedicated officers as they truly embody protecting and serving our community.