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Chief's Message

From 2016 to 2023, the percentage drop in Part 1 Offenses was 45 percent. Additionally, crime fell by an average of 10 percent year-over-year. There were many contributing factors to the decrease in crime. The most significant being:

A. An increase of 15 new officer positions

B. Creating the Anti-Crime Unit, increasing the number of Patrol officers, adding additional detectives to the Criminal Investigation Division and Street Crimes Unit, and implementing targeted enforcement based on actionable intelligence.

C. Increased community involvement in reducing crime utilizing Ring Doorbell technology and community engagement.

D. Investments in technology – body cameras, in-car video systems, new Records Management Systems, predictive analysis software, drones, and other technologies.

E. Organizational leadership, which prioritized crime deterrence, crime detection, gathering of intelligence and evidence, focused investigations aided by technology, and partnerships that are more effective with local, state, and federal criminal justice partners.

The men and women of the San Angelo Police Department are committed to reducing crime and increasing the quality of life for everyone who calls the City of San Angelo home.

Chief Frank Carter