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Vehicle Burglaries Involving Firearms Continues to Pose Threat to Public Safety Despite Previous War

In the Spring of 2016, the San Angelo Police Department warned citizens that guns were being stolen from vehicles and ending up in the wrong hands.  Despite this previous warning, the issue has continued and the Department is urging our community to help stop this threat to public safety. 

Although most gun owners are responsible, the decision to leave a gun in your vehicle can have major consequences. 

Stolen guns are often sold and traded for drugs or worse — used in robberies or other violent crimes that affect our loved ones.  

In 2016, 118 guns were reported stolen from 105 vehicle burglaries in our City.  In most cases there was no forced entry.  That’s 118 guns in the hands of criminals.  

Our Officers want to remind citizens that gun safety isn’t just about how you handle the weapon — it’s also how you store it.  Removing guns from vehicles entirely or securing them safely in a trunk or lock box can help prevent your firearms from ending up in the wrong hands.

Let’s work together to prevent this senseless threat to public safety and to promote responsible gun ownership for a safer community.