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Mike Hernandez

Lt Mike Hernandez

Mike Hernandez

Criminal Investigations Lieutenant
(325) 657-4269

Lt. Mike Hernandez joined the San Angelo Police Department in 1990 after serving in the United States Marine Corp.  Hernandez was assigned to Patrol until 1993, then transferred to the Gang Unit where he earned his unique nickname: Burrito. While serving on the Gang Unit, Hernandez applied to the SWAT Team in 1994.  Officer Hernandez attended the Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced SWAT Schools while serving on the SWAT Team. He was the SWAT Team Leader for 10 years. 

After six years in the Gang Unit, Hernandez transferred to Narcotics where he served until his promotion to Sergeant in 2004.  After his promotion, Hernandez returned to Patrol but then was involved in the creation of the Special Operations Section, which Sgt. Hernandez had the opportunity of building from the ground up.  Special Operations, also known as SOS, absorbed the Gang Unit at this time.  

Hernandez promoted to Lieutenant in February of 2010, and was assigned to Patrol. He currently is the Charles Company Division Commander.  

Lt. Hernandez has more than 3300 hours of training during his career, including a 10-week leadership course at the FBI National Academy at Quantico, Virginia in 2014. Lt. Hernandez holds a Master Peace Officer Certification from the Texas Commission of Law enforcement Standards and Education.

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