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SAPD Urges Drivers to Avoid Loop 306 during Back-to-School Commute

The start of the school year can bring a variety of stressors for students and parents alike—for many reasons.  

Stricter bedtimes, overwhelming shopping lists, first-day outfit blunders, and difficult morning commutes can all be contributing factors to this back-to-school stress.  

So how can the SAPD help parents and families stay calm under this new pressure?  Well, we cannot control your student’s revolt against their new bedtime.  We cannot ensure that local stores have enough school supplies to accommodate those impossibly too specific yet not specific enough school supply lists.  We cannot help with first-day outfit blunders either (Although we suggest wearing a uniform….It works for us).  What we can do is offer a driving “tip” to help with your morning commute—Avoid Loop 306. 

The recent rain interfered with the proposed project completion date for the Loop, which means one-lane traffic will continue throughout the remainder of the week and many of the Loop’s on-ramps and off-ramps will remain closed.   So, your best bet for a safer, less stressful back-to-school commute means finding an alternate route and leaving a few extra minutes earlier.  Pre-planned alternate routes can help prevent unnecessary crashes and traffic congestion during an already hectic week for commuters.