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San Angelo Police Department Welcomes New Chaplain

Recently, the San Angelo Police Department welcomed its newest Police Chaplain, Gary Jenkins, to the Department.  Jenkins was sworn in by Police Chief Frank Carter in a private ceremony held in Chief Carter’s office.  Chaplain Jenkins was accompanied by his wife, Pastor Marcella Jenkins.  Jenkins was born in Kansas City, Missouri. 

A Vietnam War Veteran, Jenkins served in the United States Marine Corps.  During his military tenure Jenkins was assigned to President Richard Nixon’s Security Detail at Camp David as well as the White House from 1972-1973.  Jenkins currently works as a civilian Audio Video Specialist at Goodfellow Air Force Base.  

Jenkins is an ordained and licensed minister who received an honorary Doctorate from Covenant Christian College in North Carolina and holds a Bachelor of Science from Christian Leadership Bible College.  Currently, Jenkins presides as a Senior Pastor with Eagles Wings International Ministries.  

Jenkins joins seven other Department Chaplains who act as a resource for counseling for members of the agency and their families, and serve as a liaison with other clergy in the community.  They are called upon to deliver the invocation or benediction at public ceremonies as representatives of the police department and respond to crises situations when called upon.