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Press Release #121314(06) Joint Operation Targets Online Predators

Investigators from DPS and SAPD arrest 9 local men during a week long investigation involving the online solicitation of minors.


The Texas DPS Criminal Investigative Division and the San Angelo PD Special Operations Section joined forces to stop the individuals targeting local children.  The investigators used common everyday technology (cell phones / computers) to find and capture predators looking for young girls.   Along with the arrests, the investigation also included three search warrants and the seizure of multiple electronic communication devises.  All those arrested believed they were interacting with local children younger than 15.


Online Solicitation: An adult (17 or older) commits an offense if he/she has communication of a sexually explicit manner with a minor (younger than 17) or who he/she believes is a minor over the internet and solicits a meeting to engage in sexual contact/intercourse.  This communication can be made by electronic mail, text, message system, or other online services.   This offense is third degree felony.


With the popularity of social media and the availability of cell phones, tablets, and computers, our children are at risk of being preyed upon anywhere at any time.   Present day technology, while convenient, often presents dangers to our children that will often go unnoticed, is misunderstood, or seems harmless.  The investigators of both the DPS and SAPD would like everyone to know the dangers that are present here in San Angelo. The arrests made during this investigation remind both law enforcement and parents to remain vigilant in the fight to keep our children safe.    For more information please visit the Texas Attorney General Webpage at https://www.texasattorneygeneral.gov/criminal/cybersafety.shtml


This is an active investigation and no further information is available at this time.


The arrestees are listed below 


Terry Freeman (10/31/70)                                                            Jose Quiroz (01/14/87)

David Garcia (08/16/70)                                                               Dakota Flores (06/12/92)

Jose Hernandez (03/25/90)                                                           David Pullin (11/25/66)

Stephen Marburger (08/29/74)                                                      James Hoy (04/13/64)

David Kiser (04/28/61)