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Press Release #100314(02)-San Angelo Robbery Suspects Jailed in Upton County

James Bruce Deskins, Jr. (DOB 04-08-78) and Chelsey Rene Rutherford West (DOB 01-27-91) of San Angelo are being held on bond at the Upton County Jail in connection to an Aggravated Robbery that occurred on September 28, 2014, at a San Angelo Walmart. 


Crocket County Sheriff's Deputies spotted the pair, who allegedly fled to Ozona sometime after the incident, at a convenience store on September 29.  The pair was charged with Aggravated Robbery and additional outstanding warrants.   


The Arrest Warrants were obtained after an investigation identified the pair as suspects who allegedly injured a Walmart employee while committing a theft from the store.  Their identity was learned after the initial responding Patrol Officer, T. Burkes, developed information from the vehicle's license plate.  Officer Burkes later obtained photographs of Deskins and West from the Crocket County Sheriff's Office.  Their photographs matched the identity of the suspects recorded on the store's surveillance system.  


The store's surveillance video showed West had parked a maroon Chevy Suburban in the fire lane area located outside of the store's garden center.  West then exited the vehicle, opened the back hatch and then re-entered the vehicle and Waited for Deskins.  Soon after, Deskins ran out of the garden center and jumped into the back of the Suburban.  The video also shows where a female Walmart employee ran after Deskins and attempted to retrieve the stolen merchandise as the back hatch of the vehicle was pulled down by Deskins.  The employee was drug for a short distance before falling free of the vehicle.  The employee was treated at a nearby hospital for a broken arm.