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Press Release #061115(06)-Parolee Arrested after Cycle of Thefts

On June 10, 2015, San Angelo Police Detectives with the Criminal Investigations Division received information about the whereabouts of wanted suspect Alvie Paul Sisk, Jr. (DOB 04/28/77) of San Angelo.  Sisk recently became a person of interest to the Department after receiving several anonymous tips about Sisk's advertisement to sell a large inventory of suspected stolen bicycles via local Facebook Groups. 


Sisk was also the subject of a Warrant for Parole Violation and a Felony Go Off Bond Warrant for Theft of Property $1,500-$20,000 related to his involvement in a recent bicycle theft case at Angelo State University.  


Investigators with the Department's Specialized Operations Section (SOS) along with Detectives from Angelo State University Police and the Tom Green County Sheriff's Office went to a residence at the Cactus Lane Mobile Home Park located in the 700 block of Cactus Lane in an attempt to locate Sisk.  While conducting surveillance at the location, detectives observed eighteen bicycles alongside several damaged cable locks.


Sisk, who was not initially observed at the location, arrived a short time later.  He was arrested for the outstanding warrants and transported to the Tom Green County Jail without incident. 


The bicycles and cable locks were seized and Detectives are trying to determine if they match ones that have been reported stolen from ASU or the surrounding area. 


This is an ongoing investigation and additional charges may be filed.


The San Angelo Police Department would like to remind citizens to keep records of the make, model, and serial number of valuables.  This identifying information is paramount in assisting law enforcement with recovering stolen property.  Members of the public can create a secure online inventory of their property free of charge at reportit.leadsonline.com.   ReportIt lets you securely store serial numbers, item descriptions, pictures, and scans of receipts so that your items may be more easily identified in the event of theft or loss.