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Press Release #021016(08)-SAPD Now Offers Citizen Response to Active Shooter Events Training

Recently, the San Angelo Police Department had 6 law enforcement instructors certified to teach a statewide program called CRASE, Citizen Response to Active Shooter Events. The 6 instructors are Chief Tim Vasquez, Assistant Chief Jeff Fant, Sgt Cade Solsbery, Sgt Rick Tinsley, Officer Zach Upton, and Officer Tracy Gonzalez.

CRASE is a program designed by the Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training (ALERRT) center in San Marcos, Texas. In the program, citizens will learn proper actions to take and what to expect from Police when they respond when an Active Shooter Event occurs. It is important for citizens and businesses to have a plan in place and to know how to respond to these types of events, especially, as these types of events become more common in today's society.

The CRASE program is available at no cost to local schools, churches, businesses and non-profits in San Angelo. The duration of the training is one hour. This is a small amount of time for an organization to invest to learn information that is invaluable in the event an Active Shooter Event occurs.

If anyone wishes to host this training for their organization please contact Sgt Cade Solsbery at 325-481-2709 or by email at ken.solsbery@sanangelopolice.org.