See! It's Me!

"See! It's me!" is an identification theft and forgery prevention program that was created through the efforts of San Angelo Chief of Police Tim Vasquez. The program was instituted after an extensive study on forgery and fraud trends revealed a sharp increase in identity theft type crimes in our community. Chief Vasquez believed that a total community effort was needed to combat identity theft. This belief led to the development of "See! It's me!".

In the spring of 2005, Chief Vasquez met with local retail business leaders to discuss ways in which identity theft could be reduced in our community. Participating local businesses agreed to verify a customer's identification when someone makes a purchase with a check or credit/debit card. Visual stimulus was created in the form of countertop tent displays which remind retailers to ask for photo identification and reminds the customers of the program.

Public participation was deemed vital to the success of the program. The San Angelo Police Department educated the public about identity theft and the importance of everyone helping to prevent this crime on our community.

Local financial institutions were asked to encourage their customers to limit the amount of personal information printed on their checks. The police department recommends that only a first and middle initial, last name, and "SEE PHOTO ID" be printed on personal checks.

The San Angelo Police Department would like to thank the entire community for participating in the "See! It's me!" program. Since the program's inception, there has been a substantial reduction in identity theft and forgery type of crimes in our community, making San Angelo a safer place to live!