SAPD Blue Watch

SAPD Blue Watch is a program created to transform traditional Neighborhood Watch groups into online community crime prevention forums using Facebook closed groups.

The San Angelo Police Department recognized that most people cannot participate in traditional neighborhood watch meetings due to today’s busy lifestyles.  Although the fundamentals of traditional neighborhood watch programs are sound, the program is failing due to lack of participation.

Blue Watch is less demanding of personal time; important information is transmitted in real time and Blue Watch members can remain in contact and receive updated information almost instantly.  In a busy world where everyone is on the go, this is a no-nonsense approach to crime prevention in our neighborhoods.

With Blue Watch, we can take the "Crime Prevention Conversation" to a virtual location and give citizens the opportunity to participate in neighborhood crime prevention from their own homes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  

Potential Members Must Apply.

We screen potential members for your protection. We risk-assess potential members to determine suitability for membership. Applicants with certain types of criminal history, career criminals and registered sex offenders will not be permitted to join private Blue Watch groups.  Click here to apply for membership.

Why is Blue Watch needed?

Simply put, police cannot be everywhere at every time, and there are distinct disadvantages of police patrol:

  • They do not know the neighborhood as well as the people that live there.
  • They don't always know who belongs and who doesn't.
  • They cannot be everywhere all the time.
  • They may not recognize something or someone as being suspicious.

A neighborhood that is successful at deterring crime is a neighborhood where the citizens communicate, take appropriate preventative action and have a working relationship with law enforcement.

Want To Be Part Of The Solution?

To learn more about the SAPD Blue Watch program, contact the San Angelo Police Department Crime Prevention Office at (325) 657-4331 or email at

 Or, click here to apply now.